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Alessandro Paccagnella is Full professor of electronics (2000) at the Department of information engineering of the University of Padova, Italy. He has been Vice-rector for international relations of the University of Padova in the period 2015-2021, being in charge for managing the international relations of the University. 

In the scientific field, his research activity is focused on microelectronic devices and systems. A. P. is author of more than 500 scientific papers. He holds also 7 patents. 

At present he coordinates the research activity of the RREACT group at the Department of Information Engineering, working on the reliability of micro/nanoelectronic devices. His research work is focused on the study of ionizing radiation effects on single devices and integrated circuits, for terrestrial, space and high energy physics applications. In this field, he actively collaborates with many international academic, industrial and research laboratories, and he has been responsible of various research projects and contracts. He is also interested into intertwining between semiconductors and geopolitics.

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