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Prof. Dr. Jean V. Manca is full professor experimental Physics at Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium). He initiated the PV research at Universiteit Hasselt, with research activities ranging from photovoltaics in extreme conditions, organic based and bio-solar cells, to the recent invention of “Photovoltaic Photographs” (2022). From 2001 to 2014 he was group leader of the research group ONE2 (‘Organic and Nanostructured Electronics & Energy Conversion’) at the Institute of Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC) of Universiteit Hasselt and IMEC. In 2015 he founded the cross-disciplinary research group X-LAB. Prof. Manca is the originator of exploration-oriented initiatives such as "Polar Circle Expeditions" (Sweden / Iceland) and the "OSCAR" project in the framework of the BEXUS-program of the European Space Agency ESA. Research at X-LAB involves the cross-disciplinary investigation and exploration of novel concepts/materials for energy conversion, and for next generation electro-optical applications towards a creative and sustainable future on earth and in space.

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