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Luigi Schirone is a Professor of Electronics at Sapienza, University of Rome.

Currently teaches courses in Applied Electronics, Power Electronics, Electrical Power Systems for Space, Reliability Engineering.

His current research is mainly devoted to electronics for power/energy systems.

In this field he investigates new design methodologies for power conversion systems, aimed to increase efficiency, reliability and power density. The main field of application is aerospace, where he developed and built power modules to manage power generation and storage on board of spacecrafts, planetary rovers and aircraft. His studies also were applied to smart power sources, wireless power transmission, energy harvesting, photovoltaic plants.

He is involved in research on materials and optoelectronic devices: he studied amorphous silicon solar cells and image detectors. Also developed best-of-class porous silicon solar cells.

Application of thin film photovoltaics in space vehicles is one of his most recent fields of interest, where he can make the most of his experience in both space systems and thin film photovoltaics.He also participates in studies and work groups about renewable energies and sustainability.He is a member of IEEE, vice president of AEIT-ASTRI, member of the scientific board of CIRIAF.He is the author/co-author of nearly 150 scientific publications.

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