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Michael Graetzel is a Professor at EPFL where he develops photosystems for the generation of electricity and chemical fuels from sunlight. Michael graduated from the Technical University Berlin and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame before joining the EPFL faculty as a professor of physical chemistry. There, he started his ground breaking investigations on colloidal semiconductors, which generated several new research fronts worldwide. Michael is well known for his discovery of mesoscopic dye sensitized solar cells, which in turn prompted the rise of perovskite solar cells, triggering a second revolution in photovoltaics. Michael’s pioneering work was recognized by a number of awards including the Rank Prize, BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Basic Science, Millenium Technology Prize, Global Energy Prize, Marcel Benoist Prize, Balzan Prize, Harvey Prize and the Calveras Award for Leapfrog Photovoltaics. He is a member of several learned societies and received 12 honorary doctor degrees from European and Asian Universities. His over 1800 publications had a major impact on the photovoltaic field. A recent bibliometric ranking by Stanford University places Michael first amongst 100’000 world-wide leading scientists across all areas of science. According to the Web of Science (2022), he is currently the most highly cited chemist in the world. 

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