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Dr Wing Chung Tsoi is leading a research group on next generation photovoltaic (PV) cells particular on organic PV cells and perovskite PV cells, including developed several new/advanced Raman system-based techniques, and facilities for PV for indoor and aerospace applications. Raman spectroscopy (RS) is a powerful and versatile technique for material characterization. His current research includes developing new/advanced Raman-based techniques, understand and improve stability of organic and perovskite PV cells, optimize performance of organic and perovskite PV cells for emerging applications (for indoor, power generation window, and aerospace applications). He has particularly expertise in new/advanced characterization techniques to understand structure-property-performance relationship of printable PV cells, particularly leading in RS for organic and perovskite PV cells. He is also one of the leading teams in indoor PV, and PV for aerospace applications (achieved highest efficiency and have several pioneering findings). Dr Tsoi have published 84 papers (including 8 invited papers, and 5 journal covers) including in well-known journals (Science, Nature communications, Energy and Environmental Science, etc) and a book chapter on PV for indoor application. He also involved in 35 invited talks at international/national conferences (e.g. MRS). 

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